Design & Innovation in Silicon Valley – Day #3

Tuesday was a day full of innovation and design exploration in San Francisco. We jumped on the bus at 10:00, departing the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose and arrived before our 11:00 am tour of the Autodesk Gallery.


The Autodesk Gallery celebrates the design process that takes a great idea and turns it into a reality. With more than 20 different exhibits regularly on display that showcase the innovative work of Autodesk customers, the gallery illustrates the role technology plays in great design and engineering.

We saw exhibits including the original waffle iron used to make the first Nike shoes…


Then, we were able to see how technology allows Nike to build computerized imagining showcasing how the shoes will move with the foot, how the bones in the foot move allowing for changes in the design of the shoe without creating numerous and expensive prototypes.


Other exhibits at the Autodesk Gallery included an electric car from Mercedes, which will be an electric vehicle with four engines affixed to each wheel.



At the Autodesk Gallery, we also had the opportunity to handle 3D printed objects which will change innovation and design affecting every industry.  We saw one of the largest 3D printed objects available, a 3D full-sized motorcycle with over 300 parts.



David Shave and Kirstyn Mackie handle 3D printed objects.


The Autodesk Gallery was nice enough to give each student a book on innovation and design focused on how designers, architects and engineers are changing the world.


Tracey Loewen holding up our gift from Autodesk.

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